Whether you've visited Alaska a dozen times, or you just returned from your very first trip, chances are you are in love with The Great Land.  Our good friends Kennan & Karen Ward are too, and you'll see that love in every photo they take in our magnificent state. 

From cuddly-looking closeups of bear cubs to the pristine beauty of glaciers, mountains, and landscapes, Kennan & Karen capture the true spirit of Alaska in every shot.

So, if you're missing the Great Land, or you want to share it with your friends & family, visit their website www.kennanward.com to share their love of Alaska and have some of it shipped to you wherever you are to remind you of your great Alaskan memories.

From fabulous art prints to calendars, notecards, posters, journals, and more, you'll find the perfect keepsake or gift from Alaska in the Kennan & Karen Ward Gallery.

Congratulations Kennan & Karen on the debut of your new feature film "Making Tracks", a true story about Grizzly Bear cubs growing up in the wild.

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