...with noodles!  Just like the song.  Or, server it with french fries like they do 99% of the time in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, OR, serve it with German Potato Salad, my personal favorite.


Skinless Alaskan Salmon--any species as long as its wild--(or try Halibut too)--sliced THINLY, seasoned flour, egg, milk, breadcrumbs, Schnitzel seasoning, and olive oil.


This recipe was very popular this past summer at our Fryday Fishfrys.  I loved eating wienerschnitzel as an exchange student in German 20 years ago, I could never get enough, and this recipe was born one day when I was trying to find a use for some thin slices of King Salmon that had missed the first pass of my fillet knife on a nice 50 pound Kenai King.  I found some Schnitzel seasonings in the cupboard, given to us by Herr Wegscheider, who received them from an Austrian Chef friend in bulk. (yep, 3rd hand spices)  We're out now, so we had to search high & low to find a source, go to GermanDeli.com to buy some for just $4.49, and we suggest you keep some handy in your cupboard cause you're gonna like it on all sorts of fish, meat, & poultry.  Okay, now on for the rest of the recipe.  Take the standard 3 container setup, with the seasoned flour (or Minnesota Shore Lunch mix) in one, beaten egg/milk in another, and breakcrumbs spiked with Schnitzel seasoning in the third.  Dredge the thin slices of salmon in each container, then fry in shallow olive oil in a medium hot cast iron pan or flat griddle till golden brown.  Guten Apetite meine Freunden!